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I’m Thankful for YOU!

November 26th, 2010

I hope you heard these words today as you celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends.  It means a lot to know that other people are appreciative of your presence in their life.  These words are a special way to tell people that we love and care for them. To say that we are thankful affirms that you add value and a joy in another person’s life. That is indeed a high compliment.

My cousin said the prayer at our dinner table and spoke in appreciation of all present and others not with us.  I was touched by that.  Too often in families we forget to appreciate those closest to us.  We take for granted that they will always be there. That is not reality.  None of us know who will be at the dinner table next Thanksgiving.  While we travel this journey together, we have the present time to share and open our hearts to one another.

Several friends called with messages of Happy Thanksgiving. However, three special messages touched my heart. I received an unexpected phone call today from a long-time, much loved friend telling me that I was a wonderful blessing in his life. A woman who is like a mother called to say she was thankful for me.  An e-mail from a friend who I value very much said, “Thankful am I to have your friendship, your love and your kind heart in my world. Have a happy Thanksgiving and know when I count my blessings, you will be at the top of the list.”  I am blessed to have these people love me.  I am further blessed that they could share that with me.

Who are you thankful for?  Have you told them?  Often we do not know how our words and actions affect others – and how much they need to know they are loved and appreciated. Everyone has their trials and tribulations to walk through. Simply knowing that someone values you in their life means a lot. In fact, it may make all the difference in their ability to cope with life.

To say “I’m thankful for you” to another person is also a reflection of how thankful you are for yourself. Remember, our inner thoughts and feelings are reflected in our words and actions.  The ability to share our appreciation for someone else shows that we also have an appreciation for ourselves. Congratulations!  What a wonderful blessing you have given yourself.

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