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February 14th, 2008

Dr. Michael Beckwith and Richie Byars

I love me so much,
That I can love you so much,
That you can love you so much,
That you can start loving me.

Let’s start with the last line – first. This is Valentines Day – a day in which we want to know we are loved. So, that line gives us the love we wish for from someone else – but there is a catch.Loving is not just something we receive without responsibility – the love that comes back to us in our relationships is a direct reflection of how much we love ourselves. This verse describes a circle of loving. Guess what – that circle begins with us – and when we extend it to others, it returns to us.

This begins with me. When I value myself, I can be compassionate, kind, and caring for myself, and I can share that with others. When I am critical, judgmental and unhappy with myself, then I see only negatives and I pass that along to others. If I draw a circle around me, what do I find in my own circle? Do I value myself or do I feel worthless?

When I love myself, I can be more loving to you. Let’s apply the Golden Rule: Do unto others – or love others – as you would wish to be loved. Many times, loving others is simple acts of caring and kindness – time and attention, listening, or considerate and thoughtful ways. How many Valentines were sent – because we wanted to let someone know we cared about them- not because we would get one back?

It’s amazing how much difference it makes when people are treated in a loving manner. It changes them. When their worth is validated, they open up and begin to blossom as they see positive traits in themselves. They find something to love and the circle passes forward.

And then it comes back to us – it has come full circle – and someone loves us on Valentines Day because we’ve loved ourselves. This circle of loving energy creates more loving energy and the momentum builds. Imagine the world we could create simply by loving ourselves and others.

This simple expression shows the power of love. On this Valentines Day – how many miracles can we create? Happy loving!

This is Valentines Day – a day for loving. I.M. Heart sends love to you and yours!

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